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“There wasn’t much to do but lay there and eat!” That’s what we hear from many of our Broken Beauties customers whose mobility comes to a grinding halt when suffering from a broken bone. Weight Watchers, the venerable weight loss institution for over 40 years teams with Broken Beauties to bring you the most successful weight loss program in the nation.

Their online support brings you meetings both online and off, tools to track, plan, calculate and search for all your weight loss goals to help broken bone healing. They can help you with tips to stay motivated and how you can avoid many diet traps.

A fracture trauma can foster weight gain with loss of mobility, more at-home “down” time and stress from the situation. It’s not uncommon to gain from 5-25 pounds during the recovery period.

Don’t let this trauma drag you down any farther. Millions of people taking off millions of pounds for over 40 years, they’re here to help.

Let guide you to a weight goal that will help you heal, deal, and return to a fitter you.