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Mind Your Morale

Broken Beauties knows that this can be a very tough time, physically, mentally and spiritually. You may be a person who is normally in charge, on the go, and someone who others count on. You may play sports and be a team member and are now suddenly faced with a serious injury.

You are; in the blink of an eye, confronting real physical pain, feelings of weakness, fatigue, and possible job time loss with your new physical restrictions. This trauma may take you away from important school activities, travel, and friends or family interaction.

It can jeopardize important events in your life, and reduce you to feeling dependent and frustrated. It’s not uncommon to feel anger, impatience, and anxiety. These elevated feelings, coupled with possible medication mood swings and pain can result in sudden onset, clinical depression.

It Is Essential That You:

1.) Stay Focused On Your Physical Healing.

2.) Understanding That This Is A Temporary Situation That WILL Get Better.

3.) This Does NOT Change the Person That You Are.

4.) Most People Will Understand Your Dilemma and Help You Through It.

5.) All The Broken Beauties Products, Services and Information Are Here To Help You.

6.) Take Time To Do Some Self Indulgent Things. You Soooo Deserve It.

7.) Eliminate or Reduce Alcohol, Nicotine and Stimulant Consumption While Recuperating.

8.) Ask Yourself, “What Did This Experience Teach Me About Myself?”

9.) Make a Conscious Decision to Return to Life After an Orthopedic Trauma in a More Fit, Nutritionally Solid, and Healthy Manner.

10.) If Negative Feelings Continue, Please Ask Your Doctor For Help.