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Broken Beauties Exclusive Crutch Muffins™Fashion Crutch Covers

Broken Beauties' mascot - Gup!Warm up your crutches with Crutch Muffins™ crutch covers and crutch pads. These fashionable covers are conveniently loaded with pockets for cell phones or keys and are comfortable and padded in all the right places. Serve them up as get-well gifts for your friends and family with broken bones.

Adult 100% Cotton Washable Crutch Muffins™
Fashion Crutch-Covers - $34.95

Our Adult 100% Cotton Washable Crutch Muffins™ - Solids

Olive Green with
Burgundy Buns-

Beige Khaki with
Forest Green Buns-

Forest Green with
Brown Buns-

Denim Blue with
Royal Blue Buns-

Purple with
Lime Green Buns-

Burgundy with
Forest Green Buns-

Brown with
Leopard Faux Fur Buns-

Black with Brown
Leopard Covers-

Black with Black & White
Zebra Covers-

Black with Green & Black
Zebra Covers-

* All of our exclusive Crutch Muffins™ under-arm covers and hand grips on our Solids may be mixed and matched by request. To do so, just call our Toll Free Number:

Our Adult 100% Cotton Washable Crutch Muffins™ - Prints

Mayan with Black Fleece Covers-#CMAA-1

Mayan with Rainbow Leopard Covers-#CMAA-2

Kilimanjaro with Royal Blue
Fleece Covers-

Kilimanjaro with Brown Leopard Fleece Covers-

Peter Pan with Black
Fleece Covers-

Rainbow Swirl with
Purple Fleece-

African Masks with
Black and White
Zebra Fleece- # CMAF

Batik Small Leaves with Lilac Fleece Covers-

Batik Haze with Forest GreenFleece Covers-

Indigo Graphic with
Taupe Fleece-

Bookbinder with
Black Fleece Covers-

India Island with
Khaki Fleece Covers-

Jakarta Waves w/
Black Fleece Covers-

Tropical Rainforest with
Raspberry Fleece Covers-

Crutch Muffins

Crutch Muffins™ crutch-covers come in Adult (standard crutch size 5’2” to 5’10”), Kid (standard child size crutch 4’6” to 5’2”) and Teen (sized same as adult) styles and sizes.

And be sure not to forget your Shower and Bathing Cast Cover and your CastBlast™ for when your cast begins to itch and ooooh smell!

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