Broken Beauties Exclusive Crutch Muffins™
Fashion Crutch Covers For Kids

It’s Time Somebody Covered Up and Cooled Up the Crutch!

Broken Beauties' mascot - Gup!What can we say about the success of our exclusive Crutch Muffins™ fashion crutch covers? They have taken the orthopedic injury market by storm. These terrific crutch covers are putting smiles on adults and kids alike. We’ve even gotten reports of them being significant aspects for better patient compliance with their crutches. Mothers and orthopedic nurses have written us to report that kids who were fearful of being teased at school when showing up on crutches have instead become positive centers of attention with their “cool” crutch covers.

Warm up your crutches with Crutch Muffins™ crutch pads and crutch covers. These fashionable covers are conveniently loaded with pockets and comfortably padded in all the right places for your crutches. Serve them up as get-well gifts for your friends and family.

You will LOVE the loads of attention you’ll get with these homebaked, stylin’ covers. Comes in Kid (standard child size crutch 4’ 6” to 5’2”), Teen and Adult styles and sizes.


All KID’S 100% Cotton Crutch Muffins™ Fashion Crutch Covers-

Little Cowboy with
Royal Blue Fleece Covers



Small Flames with
Red Fleece Covers

Multi-Sports with
Red Fleece Covers

Color My Crutch with black fleece covers



You can add even MORE color to your Broken Beauties CrutchMuffins™ with additional CrutchBuns™ under-arm crutch pads available by clicking here.


By mixing and matching extra CrutchBuns™ with CrutchMuffins™, the color combinations are almost unlimited!

Colors for your extra set or sets of CrutchBuns™ under-arm crutch-pads include wild patterns like Black and White Zebra, Green and Black Zebra, Brown and Black Leopard, and cool colors such as Hot Pink, Lime Green, Cocoa Brown, Royal Blue and others!

Having a broken bone or orthopedic injury or illness is never fun, but who says you can't look good while you recover? Broken Beauties is here to help!