Broken Beauties Exclusive Arm Candy™ Fashion Arm Cast Covers

Casts in Colors? How About Casts in Velvets and Graffiti?

Arm casts are out there for all to see. With Broken Beauties' Arm Candy™ fashion print arm cast covers they will see you at your fashionable best. When recovering from a broken bone or other orthopedic injury, this is no time to be adding insult to injury. It’s time to really pamper yourself and attract the positive attention that will keep your morale at it’s highest mark. Arm Candy™ four way stretch fashion arm cast covers are the way to go!

Arm Candy™ arm cast covers make the fashion statement of the year. Broken Arm? Broken wrist? Fracture? In a cast for 8 weeks? Uggggg!

Slip on Arm Candy™ arm cast covers in their adorable taffy packaging to sweeten up that Uggggly cast.

Arm Candy™ arm cast covers come in Small, Medium and Large in adult and kids' sizes. They have plenty of elastic for easy on and off, stretch ability and STYLE!

And be sure not to forget your Waterproof Shower and Bathing Cast Cover and your CastBlast™ for when your arm cast begins to itch and ooooh smell!

Adult Arm Candy Cast Covers $26.95

Sizing Chart

Size Height Weight
Small 49 to 55 100lbs. to 125lbs.
Medium 56 to 58 125lbs.165lbs.
Large 58 + 165lbs. +



Sm. - #ACAC-S

Md. - #ACAC-M

Lg. - #ACAC-L


Sm. - #ACKE-S

Md. - #ACKE-M

Lg. - #ACKE-L
Velvet Dream
Velvet Dream

Sm. - #ACAA-S

Md. - #ACAA-M

Lg. - #ACAA-L

Pink Skulls

Sm. - #ACAD-S

Md. - #ACAD-M

Lg. - #ACAD-L