What is CastCooler™?

CastCooler dries and cools moist areas under your cast.
It's a breakthrough in Cast Care Technology!

What Does CastCooler™ Do?

The CastCooler keeps your cast fresh and reduces itch by removing moisture from the lining under your cast. Simply wrap the CastCooler around your cast daily, and connect a standard household vacuum. After 10 minutes, moisture is removed. Without moisture, bacteria growth (the cause of odor and itch) is reduced. Your cast stays fresh!

View this "how to" video which demonstrates how the CastCooler is assembled and used.

CastCooler keeps your cast from being itchy and smelly!

What makes my cast itch and smell?

Your cast itches and smells bad because bacteria is growing in your cast. Bacteria loves the moisture trapped in the lining of your cast. Most of the moisture is sweat, but it might be from bathing or normal outdoor activity.

Stay in the Game

Broken limb have you on the sidelines? The CastCooler allows you to continue working out with the team while keeping your cast fresh and dry. Use the CastCooler to keep your cast fresh and odor free.

CastCooler keeps you in the game! No more itchy casts!

CastCooler™ keeps your cast FRESH!

The CastCooler will dry a cast that's wet from bathing, sweat, humidity, an encounter with the lawn sprinkler, or other summertime activities.

Moms hurt when kids hurt!

Now there is something you can do to help your child with the unpleasant experience of wearing a cast. The CastCooler allows you to provide instant relief from the hot, sweaty, itchy and uncomfortable experience of cast wearing.

Cast Odor and Itch...

...used to be expected with orthopedic casts. Not anymore: The CastCooler will keep your cast fresh, dry and comfortable by removing moisture from the lining. That moisture is the reason that bacteria grows and your cast itches and stinks.

Katie, age 13

"I liked it, it felt comforting and airy, it felt like the cast was bigger so all the bad air could get out. I would use the CastCooler when the cast felt humid and itchy."

CastCooler really works!

Ben, age 10

"It was freshening and felt cool. It was easy to use, just put it on."

CastCooler really works!

Angie, age 30:

"That's kind of fun and so refreshing.
It's light, breezy, like a breath of fresh air."

Santha, age 45:

"The CastCooler is surprisingly rejuvenating.
Wow, that's amazing."

Kelly, age 15:

"The CastCooler is like a gentle breeze under your cast."

Only $39.99!