Broken Beauties Exclusive Sling Pop™
Fashion Arm Slings

Tired Of That Same Old Boring Sling That’s Been Around For Way Too Long?
Broken Beauties Has Got The Answer For You! Letís start with Colorful, Comfortable, Fashionable, Cute, Stylish and Washable arm slings for starters.

Broken Beauties is causing quite a stir with these FINALLY fashionable arm slings. Arm slings have traditionally been one of the least stylish and most depressing aspects of have a broken bone injury. We can proudly say that those days are over. People all over the country are snapping up these beauties and are bringing a more uplifting and appealing look to their broken arm or arm injury. Arm slings with style and color, what a concept! Cause a stir in your own town and dress your broken arm injury in one of these fabulous and fashionable arm slings.

A flood of long-term arm sling wearers have contacted Broken Beauties. We totally empathize with these long-term arm sling wearers. Broken Beauties has decided to be available to make custom arm slings. Many of these arm slings are specific to the individual injury, illness or paralytic condition. Our design department would be happy to discuss any long-term arm sling needs you may have. Many of these customers have ordered entire arm sling wardrobes and are beyond thrilled to have these fashionable alternatives to the generic arm slings that add nothing but drab to your look. Please contact our office on our toll free telephone line at: 1-866-692-1916 and tell us what we can do for you.

What looks like a Lolli-Pop and is really a sling? Sling Pops™ of course! These fashion arm slings will give you the ULTIMATE in fashionable arm support.

This arm sling will turn heads in heavenly fabrics to suit every fashion need. Easy to use buckle, soft fleece strap pad and tons of STYLE!

Sling Pops™ arm slings come in several fabric selections for a new look every week! The Lolli-Pop packaging also makes the sling a great gift for your friends with fractures or broken bones.

Adult Sling Sizing

And be sure not to forget your Shower and Bathing Cast Cover for when your cast begins to itch and ooooh smell!

Broken Beauties Sling-Pops Arm Slings!

Adult 100% Cotton Sling Pop™ Fashion Arm Slings-$26.95

Beige Calico with
Black Trim -#SPAC
Paisley Garden with
Purple Trim- #SPAE

Purple Butterflies-

Bubbles and Swirls w/black Trim- #SPAG

Batik Blue
Purple Trim- #SPAF

Skulls and Roses with
Black Trim- #SPAQ

Blue Camo-

Green Camo-

Black Flowers -

Delightful Daisy -

Grey and Brown Houndstooth

Pink and white Daisies

Adult 100% Faux Design Sling Pop™ Fashion Arm Slings-$29.95

Black & White Zebra Print - #SPAZ

Leopard Faux Fur Print-#SPAK

Adult Custom Design Logo Sling Pop™ Fashion Arm Slings-$49.95

Custom Logo Sling
with black trim



Custom Logo Sling
with cocoa brown trim