Sizing Your Cane

When a cane is to be used as a mobility aid, Broken Beauties recommends that the purchaser be advised to have the walking cane properly sized by a health care professional. If the user does not have a therapist and wishes to size it on their own, please see the following:

1. Remove the rubber tip from the cane. If it is tight, a squirt of WD-40 works wonders; twist the tip off rather than pulling.

2. It takes two people to "fit" a walking cane. The cane user should be wearing their usual walking shoes and standing as naturally upright as possible. Their arms should hang at their side with a normal bend at the elbow.

3. The second person places the walking cane with the handle on the ground on the side the person will be using the cane. The shaft is marked where it touches the middle crease of the user’s wrist. The walking cane should then be cut using a sharp saw and mitre box for an even cut. Reattach rubber tip.

Mark the cane at crease of wrist
Mark the cane at
crease of wrist

*Broken Beauties is not responsible for injuries or damaged property from the use of its cane products.

The user's needs to consider what their abilities, limitations, and environmental needs are, so that the walking cane can be used as an instrument of better mobility and safety for the user. Walking canes are not designed to substitute for bearing all the weight you normally would on your legs. Instead, they provide your legs with some relief from bearing all your weight. Bio-mechanics or your sense of balance may need to be off-set with ground contact. With a cane, the third point of ground contact that it supplies helps with balance, relieves joint stress and provides much needed stability for the user. If your weight-bearing needs are in excess of typical cane usage, a walker may need to be considered as an alternative to a walking cane.

Cane Handles

The cane's handle is also very important when determining which type of cane best fits your needs. The Derby handle is the most popular handle and is chosen 4 to 1 over any other handle. The handle is shaped for comfort and directs the weight of the individual over the shaft ensuring maximum comfort. Broken Beauties Derby Model Canes are all outfitted with this type of handle.

Anatomically correct handles are also another popular type of handle. They are made to fit either the left or right handed walking canes demands. Walking canes with this type of handle offer the best in stability, comfort, and ease of use. Designed and custom crafted to fit the palm of your hand, the user will immediately feel just how comfortable these handles really are. These anatomically correct cane handles can be ordered through Broken Beauties - please call our Toll Free Customer Service Number at 1-866-692-1916.

Broken Beauties is always striving to improve the look of your orthopedic products and mobility aids. We have a wide range of beautiful and original custom-designed canes to fit everyone's tastes and needs.

Keeping Your Cane Clean

It is best to clean your walking cane with simple soap and water, being sure to rinse and dry the cane thoroughly after cleaning. Other cleaning products may leave a dangerous, slippery film on your cane that may lead to accidents, or damage the finish or structural integrity of your cane's components. For walking canes with Lucite components, NEVER use Windex or other window cleaners, as they can dull the appearance of the Lucite material.

Caring For Your Cane

When resting your walking cane against a wall, place the handle down and the rubber tip against the wall. This will decrease the possibility of the cane falling over when being stored instead of being used. Broken Beauties recommends our fantastic Cane Holder for safer storage of your walking cane that not only helps to keep your cane in an easily remembered location, but also prolongs the life of your walking cane by avoiding falls and breakage.

Keeping Track of Your Cane

When you are out and about, always use your Cane Wrist Strap to affix the cane safely to your wrist instead of placing your cane in a shopping cart or hanging it from a shelf. It is NEVER a good idea to place your walking cane on top of your car as you are getting into your car. If you must set your cane down, it is best to put it in the car first, to avoid leaving it behind. If you are unable to put it into the car first, place it on the hood of the car near the driver's-side windshield, so that if you forget about it once you are in the car, you will still at least see it before you drive away.