How about being in a leg cast and you put on your socks to begin those first few steps around the house, you reach the hardwood or tile floor and Whoosh! down you go! Slippery socks on slick surfaces when you're already unsteady on your feet can spell disaster. That's why Broken Beauties encourages you to wear footwear with non-skid soles to avoid having even more broken bones!

MediChoice™ Soft Sole Footwear is just what the doctor ordered. These comfortable non-skid "socks" will keep you comfortable, safe and steady on your feet. People, who just need a safe non-skid foot covering when in the hospital, nursing home, doing yoga, and working out at home or in the gym, have discovered MediChoice™ Soft Sole Footwear on this site. This MediChoice™ product can be your protection against slip and fall injuries. They are also great for adding to a gift basket for your broken or friends who are recuperating from a broken bone. Each size is a different color. You can contact us to see which color corresponds with each size.

If MediChoice™ is not what you need…

Please don’t hesitate to give us a call on our toll free line at:
1-505-603-0764 or at and let us help you find it.
We can arrange to have almost any type of non-skid footwear on the market dropped shipped to you from the manufacturer in just a few days.

MediChoice™ Soft Sole Footwear



SLP1004 MediChoice™ Adult Large (L)
Shoe Size 6-7

US $5.95

SLP1005 MediChoice™ Adult Extra-Large (XL)
Shoe Size 7-9

US $5.95

SLP1006 MediChoice™ Adult Extra-Extra Large (XXL)
Shoe Size 9-10

US $5.95

SLP1007 MediChoice™ Adult Extra-Extra-Extra Large (XXXL)
Shoe Size 10-12
(Allows for swollen feet)

US $6.95

MediChoice™ Soft Sole Footwear

CastCuddles™ Lightweight Fleece Toe Covering

We’re right in the middle of Burrrrr the cold season and Broken Beauties knows that there are more than a few very cold toes needing comfort this winter. We want to toasty up your toes. We’ve found just what you’re looking for in this great product called CastCuddles™

  • Keeps your toes comfortable, warm and protected
  • Keeps dirt out of your foot cast or dressing
  • Can be used with an open-toe cast, orthosis or walking boot as well as with most types of splints and braces
  • High-tech engineered fleece fabrics allow your foot to breathe.
  • Fully adjustable strap
  • Interchangeable (can be used on the right or left foot)

Lightweight CastCuddles™- Adult Size - $14.95

600ABYEL- Yellow


600ABPK- Hot Pink

600ABPUR- Purple



600ABLG- Lime Green






600ABCB-Cocoa Brown


600ABLEOP - Leopard

600ABRB - Royal Blue