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Broken Beauties puts Beauty, Fashion and Comfort into Orthopedics.

Have fun and make a fashion statement with our designer arm slings, cast covers, crutch covers, cast toe coverings, hot/cold therapy packs and more. We bring all the broken bone products, services, information and help together in one site to help our customers cope with life with a broken bone or injury necessitating a cast, crutches or cane. We’ll get you on your broken bone road recovery fast and fashionably!

We have broken bones fashion, cast comfort and healing products you won't find anywhere else!

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Arm Slings Crutch Covers and Under-Arm Crutch Pads
  • Walker Totes
  • Walker Accessories



broken bone inflamation relief


Crutch Pals
dressing aids
  • Cool your cast
  • Freshen your cast
  • Speed-dry your cast
  • May reduce skin maceration
  • May reduce skin infection
  • One size fits all breathable casts:
    Wrist, arm, foot, or leg
    Child through Adult
  • Better than Castblast!